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Last Updated: 06 May 2022
medpix case - vestibular (acoustic) schwannoma "medpix case - vestibular (acoustic) schwannoma", by Original Source: Jason N. Harris; Author: Jason N. Harris (Tripler Army Medical Center); Approved By: James G. Smirniotopoulos, M.D. (Uniformed Services University);. Mass lesion evident in axial section in the CPA with "ice-cream cone" morphology, originating from the ICA. It is hyperintense compared to the surrounding brain parenchyma. Seen at this level compressing the L. CNV....

Schwannoma is uncommon type of tumor that forms in the nerves. Schwannoma grows from cells called Schwann cells. Schwann cells shield and support the nerve cells of the nerves. Schwannoma is one of the most common type of peripheral nerve tumors in adults. Schwannoma can occur in people of all ages. Imaging: If you have symptoms of schwannoma, your doctor will use scans such as CT and MRI to see where the tumor remains in the body and just how large it is. Biopsy: To inspect if the tumor is schwannoma, your doctor may do a biopsy, taking a small sample from the tumor with a needle. Therapy for schwannoma depends on where the tumor remains in the body and just how promptly it is expanding. Watch and wait: If the tumor is growing very slowly, it might be best for your medical professional to check it typically without treating it. Radiation Therapy: Radiation therapy may be used with surgery.

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