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Science Museums in Denmark

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Last Updated: 08 February 2022

The Danish consortium presently consists of 3 companions: Nature Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen, Natural History Museum Aarhus, The Science Museums, Aarhus University. Danish all-natural background museums authorized a collaboration contract in 2010, focusing on the establishment of one nationwide nature collection, ie, one common digital gain access to factor to these collections.

The Natural History Museum of Denmark residences a number of sampling collection that have been methodically accumulated with time and now use statement of how the environment around us has transformed: Polar bears in an altering Arctic The museum has more than 683 polar bear heads accumulated in between 1830 and 2016. Bone examples disclose the arrival of environmental pollutants in the high Artic area, and show that bone composition has changed over time.

The Danish polar bear head collection 1830-2016. Moths in the evening About 250. 000 beetles and moths were collected in a light catch installed on the roof covering of the museum in order to check city biodiversity. Page one shows the approximate number of collections per classification for all of the 89 institutes who joined a preliminary DiSSCo study and page 2 the national contributions to the European collection.

Formerly, the gallery was its own division within the University of Copenhagen. Moving several of the scientists out of the gallery unit and into the biology department-and boosting their teaching loads-will aid support finances, claims Museum Director Peter Kjrgaard. Kjrgaard adds that focusing the gallery's resources on curation and outreach will permit it to make the collections more commonly available for researchers, the public, even firms and nonprofits. John Renner Hansen, dean of the Faculty of Science at the university, says researchers who wish to preserve their gallery affiliation will need to do considerable curation and outreach work. But the formal splitting up of the researchers from the museum is essential, even if it is not physical, states Minik Rosing, a geochemist at the gallery, who is slated to end up being a professor in the biology division. We would like to sustain the museum and stay, yet if its mission changes so entirely, we will need to go in other places, Rosing claims. You need to show people what the collection can do.

The Experimentarium is Copenhagen's science gallery, located 15 minutes north of Copenhagen City Centre in Hellerup. The science centre is a party of interest, and is dedicated to spirited science. Dive into the physics and chemistry of water and take place underwater safari in the mysterious submarine in the water exhibit The Beach'. Below you should jump, dance and miss to help the woman Anna in the fight against a mystical fog.

In 'Miniverset', children aged 1-5 years can learn about science through play.

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