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Sea Turtles Eat Jellyfish

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Last Updated: 18 January 2022

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Sea Turtle nesting season is upon us and with 70 percentage of nation's Sea Turtle nesting sites occurring in Florida, we are looking forward to busy season! Already, 5 nests have been found in south Florida by Broward County Sea Turtle Conservation Program. Leatherback Sea Turtles start nesting season off in March, followed by loggerhead Sea Turtles in April, and green Sea Turtles at end of May. Single Female May Re - Visit Same Beach To Lay Her Eggs Several Times During Nesting Season Before Taking ONE Or Two - Year Hiatus. So what are sea turtles doing when not laying close to 100 golfball - size eggs on beach? Eating jellyfish! Leatherback Sea Turtles are largest sea turtle species, growing to 7 feet long and 2 000 lbs. As ONE of world's most migratory species, leatherbacks can swim 10 000 miles from nesting beaches to high latitude feeding grounds in search of their primary food source, jellyfish. But how can such large marine athlete survive on gelatinous diet? By knowing where to find all - you - can eat jellyfish buffet! Scientists from Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, Canada suction cup Animal - Borne video Cameras on Leatherback Sea Turtles to describe behavior and to estimate daily caloric intake. Videos reveal that leatherbacks consume to 16 000 calories in jellyfish! That is equivalent to 664 mane and moon jellies, or around 73 percentage of their body weight. Jellies stinging nematocysts are no match for leatherbacks spine - line mouth and throat, which, funny enough, closely Sarlacc Pit in Return of Jedi. Because of their specialized spines, Leatherback Sea Turtles never miss jelly and since lion mane and moon jellies are found in large smacks summer months in Canadian waters, these Sea Turtles literally swim into their food. So for these ultra swimmers, lot of jelly goes long way! Heaslip, Iverson, Bowen & James jellyfish Support High Energy Intake Leatherback Sea Turtles: video Evidence from Animal - Borne Cameras. Please ONE http: / dx. Doi. Org / 10. 1371 / journal.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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