Sean Mannion (American Football)

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Last Updated: 18 April 2022

According to Chris Tomasson of the Pioneers, the Minnesota Vikings are reportedly seeing Sean Mannion as the backup quarterback behind Kirk Cousins. On Tuesday, Mannion signed a one-year, $1. 27 million contract to stay with the team, with at least $277,000 of the team's salary guaranteed. Because of Mond's toughness on the team, Irecently speculated at him potentially being the odd guy out. Mond is uphill battle, and he's going to have to fight Mannion on the depth chart to overtake him. Mannion's well in the quarterbacks room, according to reports, and the Vikings also win-now mode in a win-now situation. If Cousins goes down with an injury, the team will want to switch to the more experienced player to replace him. Mannion could have returned to the Vikings if Cousins signed an agreement on a labor pact, assuring him of being Minnesota's starter for a fifth straight season, according to a source. Mannion is also familiar with the Vikings' offensive system, as well as head coach Kevin O'Connell and offensive coordinator Wes Phillips, both of whom hail from the Los Angeles Rams. Although Mannion was not with either coach during his 2015-18 season with the Rams, he did invest 2017 and 2018 under head coach Sean McVay. Mannion has appeared in two games in his three seasons with the Vikings. They were just telling me a lot of things about a lot of history here, and they were like these four guys right here in the Pro Bowl at the same time,' Smith said. Eller said of Smith, who now works with fellow pass rusher Danielle Hunter, it would be good to have some fired leaders back in there, Eller said. Vigil appeared in 12 of the 16 games he played for Minnesota in his first season. Sean Mannion has been the No. 2 quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings for the past three seasons, behind Kirk Cousins. We should perhaps hold off on finding out what resigning Mannion does about how Minnesota's new government thinks about Kellen Mond. This offseason, there's still a lot of time for the young quarterback to prove to the Vikings that he deserving to be Cousins backup for the 2022 season. Throughout Cousins' tenure in football, they have been praised for making a boatload of money in his NFL career, despite his results not necessarily contributing to overall team success. When the Minnesota quarterback was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams in the third round by the Los Angeles Rams back in 2015, he joined the league in St. Louis. Mannion has clearly been one of the worst quarterbacks to ever throw a football in a Vikings uniform, but he continues to get re-signed.

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