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Last Updated: 10 May 2022
seaweeds: an opportunity for wealth and sustainable livelihood for coastal communities. "seaweeds: an opportunity for wealth and sustainable livelihood for coastal communities.", by Rebours C, Marinho-Soriano E, Zertuche-González JA, Hayashi L, Vásquez JA, Kradolfer P, Soriano G, Ugarte R, Abreu MH, Bay-Larsen I, Hovelsrud G, Rødven R, Robledo D. Fig3: Brazil. Harvesting and aquaculture in the community of Rio do Fogo, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. (a–b) Women and their children harvesting the natural bed of seaweeds at low tide. (c–d) Gathering of the...

Some algaes are microscopic, such as the phytoplankton that live put on hold in the water column and provide the base for most marine food chains. The vernacular seaweed is a bona-fide misnomer, since a weed is a plant that spreads out so profusely it can damage the habitat where it takes hold. Not only are the taken care of and free-floating weeds of the sea absolutely essential to numerous marine animals, both as food and as habitat, they also provide many benefits to land-dwellers, notably those of the human range. Anecdotal proof also recommends that the ancient Egyptians might have used them as a treatment for breast cancer. Specific algaes do, in reality, have effective cancer-fighting agents that researchers really hope will ultimately show reliable in the therapy of malignant tumors and leukemia in people. While nutritional soy was lengthy attributed for the low rate of cancer in Japan, this indicator of durable health and wellness is now associated to dietary seaweed. These flexible marine plants and algae have added to economic growth.

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