Serological Testing

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Last Updated: 07 May 2022

Lyme disease diagnostic workups performed on active and retired U. S. service members and their dependents at U. S. Air Force military treatment centers in Germany between 2013 and 2017 were evaluated to establish the relevance of laboratory testing and antibiotic prescriptions. Of the 1,176 first-tier immunoassays, 1,114 were negative, and of the 285 immunoglobulin M immunoblots, 242 adhered to an adverse first-tier assay or were carried out without an antecedent first-tier assay. Eighty-three positive IgM immunoblot tests were adjudicated utilizing customized published standards, of which 40 were regarded incorrect positives. Thirty-two patients with false-positive tests were treated with an antibiotic. Furthermore, 30 patients with uncomplicated erythema migrans might have been dealt with without research laboratory verification. Of the 83 positive Lyme disease IgM immunoblots carried out at U. S. Air Force MTF research laboratories in Germany between 2013 and 2017, 40 were regarded false positives after standard graph testimonial, and 32 of these patients were suggested anti-biotics. Thirty patients with true-positive IgM immunoblots could have been diagnosed and dealt with without research laboratory testing. Lyme disease is the most commonly diagnosed vector-borne illness in the U. S. military.

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