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Shin Kwangho

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Last Updated: 24 November 2020

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Shin Kwangho

Born1983 (age 36-37) Seoul , South Korea
EducationKeimyung University
Known forPainting
MovementAbstract expressionism
NationalitySouth Korean

People are able to recognize and appraise things that are used very frequently. We need to have high-technique in order to recognize or appraise things or minds that are too frequently contacted by people. We can not raise any inspiration with mean expression. Hanbija, who lived 2300 years ago, once said that it is easiest to draw invisible ghost. Gogaeji, who lived about 1700 years ago and was a painter active in Dongjin, China, once said that you should not draw people trying to resemble just appearance. He asserted that painting should reveal the character, disposition and temperament of the person being portray. SHIN KWANGHO draw person. Figure and personality are different. A person means somebody who thinks and engaged in social activity, while a figure is a subject who is just see from a certain angle. His work become person though it seems to aim at figure. He complete common person with a specific figure. It has become a self-portrait of every person, including himself, who engages in social activity. It speaks well when it seems apparent to be draw roughly. It is because, as a work of art, circumstances including subject are represent. The world we live in shows interest when we make ordinary things special. It wait something new while keeping current situation. Speaking of work of arts, something know not for one's lifetime is professional's, requiring ordinary people of special respect. The artist inspires an object, that is happening now or familiar with, with a special spirit. Especially when you see figure painting, you are accustomed to how much like it is compared to a figure. In this respect, SHIN KWANGHO's figure painting do not depict accustomed figures around. Nevertheless, it is familiar. His painting is understandable with eyes well depict. Eyes are a window to look in person and mirror of the world. Gogaeji also say that special attention should be given to eyes in figure painting. All figures appearing in his works are individuals and self-portraits. The spirit he wants to inspire figures with is that of a distorted hero's or another character unidentifiable with eyes. The majority of specific people are figures whom he depict. He was a distorted figure trying not to transform his mind and the social environment unique to him. It is not transformation from person to no person, but from specific to ordinary person. He himself is fly into it. It is method to include his own artistic experience and value. Though it is not clear where to use, them them them works of arts become criteria for grasping reality. They reveal thinking while making figures see thinking. These are the first characteristics of person that SHIN KWANGHO draws. A specific person is thinking while a lump of dyes are loaded on canvas. It's inefficient to say 'painted with brush'. Lump moves freely all over canvas without staying at point.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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