Short Qt Syndrome

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Last Updated: 09 May 2022
characterization of a chinese kcnq1 mutation (r259h) that shortens repolarization and causes short qt syndrome 2. "characterization of a chinese kcnq1 mutation (r259h) that shortens repolarization and causes short qt syndrome 2.", by Wu ZJ, Huang Y, Fu YC, Zhao XJ, Zhu C, Zhang Y, Xu B, Zhu QL, Li Y. jgc-12-04-394-g001: Pedigree of the short QT syndrome family.(A): ECG of the proband; (B): family investigation. The proband (denoted by the arrow); circles indicate female family members; squares indicate male family members; solid symbols indicate a...

Short QT syndrome is a problem that can cause an interruption of the heart's normal rhythm. In people with this problem, the heart muscle mass takes less time than typical to reenergize in between beats. The term "short QT" describes a specific pattern of heart task that is spotted with an electrocardiogram, which is a test used to measure the electrical activity of the heart. This problem might explain some cases of abrupt infant fatality syndrome, which is a significant root cause of unusual fatality in babies younger than 1 year. Nevertheless, some people with short QT syndrome never experience any illness linked with the condition.

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