Sickle Cell Disease

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Last Updated: 02 May 2022
medpix case - cxr findings in patient with sickle cell disease "medpix case - cxr findings in patient with sickle cell disease", by Original Source: William R. Krueger; Author: James G. Smirniotopoulos, M.D. (Uniformed Services University); Approved By: James G. Smirniotopoulos, M.D. (Uniformed Services University);. Frontal and lateral radiographs of the chest demonstrate a prominent cardiac silhouette from chronic anemia. Anatomy labels: Along the right mediastinum, you may see clearly the right paratracheal LINE - arrowheads; and, the EDGE of...

Sickle cell disease is a group of disorders that impacts hemoglobin, the molecule in red cell that delivers oxygen to cells throughout the body. Symptoms and signs of sickle cell disease usually begin in very early childhood. Excruciating episodes can occur when sickled red cell, which are inflexible and rigid, get stuck in small blood vessels. An especially major issue of sickle cell disease is high blood pressure in the capillary that supply the lungs, which can lead to cardiac arrest. Pulmonary hypertension takes place in about 10 percent of adults with sickle cell disease. Following are one of the most common types of SCD: People that have this form of SCD acquire 2 sickle cell genetics, one from each parent. The main symptoms of sickle cell disease are: unpleasant episodes called sickle cell dilemmas, which can be last and very serious as much as a week; an increased risk of major infections; anaemia, which can cause fatigue and shortness of breath. The child's parents frequently will not have sickle cell disease themselves and they're only providers of the sickle cell trait.

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AH Sickle Cell Disease Provisional Death Counts 2019-2021

(Table source)
2/28/202120191Non - Hispanic black<5 years670
2/28/202120191Non - Hispanic black15-19 years220
2/28/202120191Non - Hispanic black20-24 years6110
2/28/202120191Non - Hispanic black25-39 years35580
2/28/202120191Non - Hispanic black40-59 years44770
2/28/202120191Non - Hispanic black5-14 years440
2/28/202120191Non - Hispanic black60+ years19350
2/28/202120191Non - Hispanic white40-59 years110
2/28/202120191Non - Hispanic white60+ years020
2/28/202120191Other15-19 years120
2/28/202120191Other20-24 years110
2/28/202120191Other25-39 years6120
2/28/202120191Other40-59 years8170
2/28/202120191Other60+ years230
2/28/202120192Non - Hispanic black<5 years230
2/28/202120192Non - Hispanic black15-19 years230
2/28/202120192Non - Hispanic black20-24 years130
2/28/202120192Non - Hispanic black25-39 years33590
2/28/202120192Non - Hispanic black40-59 years35610
2/28/202120192Non - Hispanic black5-14 years130
2/28/202120192Non - Hispanic black60+ years15360
2/28/202120192Non - Hispanic white25-39 years010
2/28/202120192Non - Hispanic white60+ years140
2/28/202120192Other<5 years010
2/28/202120192Other15-19 years110
2/28/202120192Other20-24 years330
2/28/202120192Other25-39 years590
2/28/202120192Other40-59 years13180
2/28/202120192Other5-14 years120
2/28/202120192Other60+ years160
2/28/202120193Non - Hispanic black20-24 years340
2/28/202120193Non - Hispanic black25-39 years24450
2/28/202120193Non - Hispanic black40-59 years46820
2/28/202120193Non - Hispanic black5-14 years350
2/28/202120193Non - Hispanic black60+ years14270
2/28/202120193Non - Hispanic white25-39 years110
2/28/202120193Non - Hispanic white60+ years240
2/28/202120193Other15-19 years110
2/28/202120193Other20-24 years010
2/28/202120193Other25-39 years9130
2/28/202120193Other40-59 years7130
2/28/202120193Other5-14 years010
2/28/202120193Other60+ years280
2/28/202120194Non - Hispanic black<5 years340
2/28/202120194Non - Hispanic black15-19 years330
2/28/202120194Non - Hispanic black20-24 years790
2/28/202120194Non - Hispanic black25-39 years42650
2/28/202120194Non - Hispanic black40-59 years42720
2/28/202120194Non - Hispanic black5-14 years230
2/28/202120194Non - Hispanic black60+ years15430
2/28/202120194Non - Hispanic white40-59 years110
2/28/202120194Non - Hispanic white60+ years370
2/28/202120194Other<5 years110
2/28/202120194Other20-24 years110
2/28/202120194Other25-39 years12170
2/28/202120194Other40-59 years14200
2/28/202120194Other60+ years370
2/28/202120201Non - Hispanic black<5 years110
2/28/202120201Non - Hispanic black15-19 years220
2/28/202120201Non - Hispanic black20-24 years8130
2/28/202120201Non - Hispanic black25-39 years44682
2/28/202120201Non - Hispanic black40-59 years41782
2/28/202120201Non - Hispanic black5-14 years130
2/28/202120201Non - Hispanic black60+ years21461
2/28/202120201Non - Hispanic white25-39 years110
2/28/202120201Non - Hispanic white5-14 years110
2/28/202120201Non - Hispanic white60+ years130
2/28/202120201Other15-19 years110
2/28/202120201Other20-24 years220
2/28/202120201Other25-39 years10121
2/28/202120201Other40-59 years12160
2/28/202120201Other5-14 years110
2/28/202120201Other60+ years270
2/28/202120202Non - Hispanic black<5 years340
2/28/202120202Non - Hispanic black15-19 years330
2/28/202120202Non - Hispanic black20-24 years582
2/28/202120202Non - Hispanic black25-39 years36694
2/28/202120202Non - Hispanic black40-59 years499112
2/28/202120202Non - Hispanic black5-14 years131
2/28/202120202Non - Hispanic black60+ years24507
2/28/202120202Non - Hispanic white40-59 years010
2/28/202120202Non - Hispanic white5-14 years010
2/28/202120202Non - Hispanic white60+ years140
2/28/202120202Other20-24 years330
2/28/202120202Other25-39 years472
2/28/202120202Other40-59 years7142
2/28/202120202Other5-14 years110
2/28/202120202Other60+ years240
2/28/202120203Non - Hispanic black<5 years010
2/28/202120203Non - Hispanic black15-19 years330
2/28/202120203Non - Hispanic black20-24 years491
2/28/202120203Non - Hispanic black25-39 years37633
2/28/202120203Non - Hispanic black40-59 years45897
2/28/202120203Non - Hispanic black5-14 years340
2/28/202120203Non - Hispanic black60+ years16528
2/28/202120203Non - Hispanic white25-39 years110
2/28/202120203Non - Hispanic white40-59 years010
2/28/202120203Non - Hispanic white60+ years250
2/28/202120203Other15-19 years010
2/28/202120203Other20-24 years230
2/28/202120203Other25-39 years4100
2/28/202120203Other40-59 years8160
2/28/202120203Other60+ years5101
2/28/202120204Non - Hispanic black<5 years010
2/28/202120204Non - Hispanic black15-19 years240
2/28/202120204Non - Hispanic black20-24 years471
2/28/202120204Non - Hispanic black25-39 years24425
2/28/202120204Non - Hispanic black40-59 years39839
2/28/202120204Non - Hispanic black5-14 years220
2/28/202120204Non - Hispanic black60+ years16388
2/28/202120204Non - Hispanic white40-59 years121
2/28/202120204Non - Hispanic white60+ years052
2/28/202120204Other<5 years110
2/28/202120204Other15-19 years010
2/28/202120204Other20-24 years230
2/28/202120204Other25-39 years10193
2/28/202120204Other40-59 years10200
2/28/202120204Other60+ years291
2/28/202120211Non - Hispanic black20-24 years131
2/28/202120211Non - Hispanic black25-39 years6112
2/28/202120211Non - Hispanic black40-59 years17304
2/28/202120211Non - Hispanic black5-14 years110
2/28/202120211Non - Hispanic black60+ years8113
2/28/202120211Non - Hispanic white25-39 years111
2/28/202120211Non - Hispanic white60+ years021
2/28/202120211Other20-24 years011
2/28/202120211Other25-39 years570
2/28/202120211Other40-59 years370
2/28/202120211Other60+ years131
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