Single Cell Analysis

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Last Updated: 04 May 2022

The Single Cell Analysis Program has transitioned from Common Fund support. Common Fund programs are strategic investments that attain a collection of high-impact goals within a 5-10 year duration. TSCAP has considerably relocated the field of single particle fluorescent in situ hybridization for RNA and protein detection forward, consisting of the detection of single nucleotide variants, multiplexing the discovery of tens of Proteins and rnas and RNA discovery into real-time cells making use of CRISPR. A more consequence of SCAP is the establishment of the SCAP-Transcriptome Consortium job, which created a public portal with phenotypic info and future generation sequencing information of whole transcriptome for 697 single cells from 56 topics. The SCAP-T Consortium has developed procedures for depositing meta-data and RNAseq information to the NIH National Center for Biotechnology Information database of Genotypes and-Phenotype.

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