Skin Cancer Screening

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Last Updated: 02 May 2022

When a person does not have symptoms, tests are used to evaluate for different types of cancer. Screening for skin cancer might include exam by both the patient and the health and wellness care provider. Screening tests for skin cancer are being examined in clinical tests. Cancer screening trials also are meant to show whether very early discovery aids a person live longer or decreases a person's chance of passing away from the disease. An aesthetic self-exam by the patient and a professional examination by the healthcare provider might be used to screen for skin cancer. During a skin examination a medical professional or nurse checks the skin for moles, birthmarks, or other pigmented areas that look abnormal in shade, form, texture, or dimension. Skin exams to screen for skin cancer have not been shown to decrease the variety of deaths from the disease. Regular skin checks by a doctor are essential for people who have already had skin cancer. A pathologist then checks out the tissue under a microscopic lense to look for cancer cells. Because it is often tough to inform if a skin development is malignant or benign, you might wish to have the biopsy example examined by a 2nd pathologist. Usually, cancer malignancy grows for a very long time under the top layer of skin however does not become the much deeper layer of skin. This enables time for skin cancer to be found early. Mobile phone applications that review skin lesions to identify skin cancer and malignant cancer malignancy have been created. Information about clinical tests sustained by NCI can be found on NCI's clinical trials search web page.

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