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Last Updated: 13 November 2020

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C DETROIT NEWS and FREE PRESSSot., Jon. 31 1998 Dodge SHADOW '91 AMERICA-54 000 MILES, AM-fm Stereo w'cd. EXC. Cond 4I95; 852-9440 SPIRIT '92-V6, AUTO, AIR, Cass cruise, pw, P. IKs. 13 900 313-402-9504. STEALTH '94-dark green, stick, 48 000 mi, Original Owner 11 000. 277-7120 STRATUS '97. AUTO. AC. LO mi mustseelll. 688 248-354-6600 Eagls EAGLE '92 TALON TSI Turbo ALL wheel DRIVE S5999 ' BILL FOX CHEVROLET F-248 651-2262 Sal. 10-3 SUMMIT '95 DL WGN. LOAD UP, VERY Clean. ONLY 17995. ' BOBSAKSOLDS 248-478-0500 Ford CONTOUR 95 whit, AUTO, AIR, Cass. ALL PWR., WARR., 17 900. 810-573-4904. CONTOUR '95 GL AUTO, AIR, 24K, LOAD OnlySB999 313427-6650 L. 'ra. Iil. 'mi. Mfthli CROWN VIC '95 LX-LOAD, 15. 6K MILE, 1 Year WARR. 515 700best 810 779-1653 EM Dodge CROWN Victoria '93-4 DR. V8, LOAD, 70K mi., Sr. Own, LIKE NEW 16950. 810-573-7224. ESCORT '97 LX-4 DOOR, redgrey, AIR, AUTO, 5K mi., Clean, S8950. 110-219-77U prnoT'971 X drir. 30 000 mi. AIR 3atS9499, LOAD. 313 427-6650 0 I, T 'IJ, F-L 1 M Ml Ill 5 Spd 2 FROM 16499 313427-6650 'n. TL: Mlili: ESCORT '95 LX 4 DR. AUTO., AIR Cass., 29K mi. White, EXC. Cond. S5400 313 945-0977 ESCORT '94 4DR., RED, AUTO, cassette, AIR, rear deto, PS, pb 49K mi, J6200best 810 286-4221 ESCORT '92 LX Great cond., NEW BRAKES, 125 000 mi., S24O0. 248 548-2107 ESCORT '91 GT-RED, 5 Spd., AIR, CD, NEW BRAKES, bxc, cono S4200. 248 398-4717 ESCORT '91 GT-5 Spd., AIR, CD EXC, cond. J4200. 248 39B-4I7 MUSTANG '96 GT. 29K, 5 SDd RED S13. VHB 448-J54-660U MUSTANG '95-ONLY 22 500 mi, 5 Spd., Spoiler, EXC. Cono., Pspo, Tin, AIR, IU, uuv. U J oou-utu MUSTANG '93 LX coupe, 4 Cyl., 5 Spd., 5BK Oil., Dik'dix mi., PWR. Everything, S4500. 248-366-8197. MUSTANG '90 GT-AUTO. Mmaculate Sovvv. Jij-eu I. 'ra. M: nw. Gji; in MUSTANG '89 Convertible NEW TOP, 5. 0 5 Spd. Nice cond. SMtwor OeST. TBIU, 3-1 I 14 E3 Dodge AUTOMOTIVE I ur R Jf Y PROBE '96 GT AUTO., 6 Cyl., Sunroof, CD, Leather, Low MILES, Mint 512 995 CRISSMAN-ROCHESTER 1-800-368-DEAL PROBE '94 GT AUTO., AIR, Stereo Cass., ADS, pw, P. I., 5i, Boo M J8500'or best 248-349-7932 PROBE '90 LX-V6, AUTO., AIR, LOAD, digital, Stereo, EXC cond., 13200. Or best 313-421-5360 T-BIRD 96 LX-LOAD, 39k Ml., EXC. Cond. S99O0. CALL JOHN LIGHT I-buu-ow-I or 40-4woo T-BIRD '95-White, V8 33 000 Ml., LIKE NEW, siu. Suu, U4bj ob-ipo T-BIRD '94 LX V8, P. Loaaeo, saws T-BIRD '94 LX-V8, ALL Leather, nwr roof, uftrv lharo CAR. S9995 DLR. 313-846-2494 T BIRD '94 LX-EXC. Cond., PWR. Moonrf, LOAD, 58 000 Ml., 17100. 810-775-4284 TAURUS '97 FULL POWER, nice CAR! 112 995 BOB SAR S OLDS 248-478-0500 TAURUS '97 GL-AUTO, 19K mi., LOAD ONLY 112 499 313427-6650 60 K Ml., 1 sunrf. 19800. METRO CAR CO. 313 891-5657 TAURUS '96 LX Owner, itnr., P TAURUS '94 GL, LOAD, NEW BRAKES 8, tires, 57 000 MILES, must sell, 17500. 810 225-0998 TAURUS '94-GL, 96K hwy. Mi., V6, Mint cond. IbBMoesi, 313 837-0070 TAURUS '93 GL-P locks, cruise, tilt, hwy MILES, LIKE NEW, 15400 60 772-1570 TEMPO-'93 GL, 2 DR., AUTO, AIR, plks., 90K 'mis., EXC, sjuuDesi.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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