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Sleep Paralysis

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Last Updated: 01 May 2022
sleep paralysis in medieval persia - the hidayat of akhawayni (?-983 ad). "sleep paralysis in medieval persia - the hidayat of akhawayni (?-983 ad).", by Golzari SE, Khodadoust K, Alakbarli F, Ghabili K, Islambulchilar Z, Shoja MM, Khalili M, Abbasnejad F, Sheikholeslamzadeh N, Shahabi NM, Hosseini SF, Ansarin K. f1-ndt-8-229: The frontispiece of the Hidayat (Bodleian version).Reproduced with permission from Middle Eastern and Islamic Manuscripts, Bodleian Library, Oxford....

Sleep paralysis is a condition in which you are not able to move or talk right as you're sleeping or getting up. Sleep paralysis is relatively common. The normal sleep cycle has phases, from light sleepiness to deep sleep. During the phase called fast eye movement sleep, the eyes move swiftly and vivid dreaming is most common. Each evening, people undergo several cycles of non-REM and REM sleep. During REM sleep, your body is unwinded and your muscle mass don't move. Sleep paralysis occurs when the sleep cycle is shifting in between phases. When you wake up suddenly from REM, your brain is awake, however your body is still in REM mode and can not move, causing you to really feel like you're disabled. Episodes of sleep paralysis last from a couple of seconds to 1 or 2 mins. During sleep paralysis you may feel: awake but can stagnate, talk or open your eyes; like somebody remains in your space; like something is pressing you down; frightened. These feelings can last approximately numerous mins. Sleep paralysis occurs when you can stagnate your muscular tissues as you are waking up or sleeping. This is because you remain in sleep setting yet your brain is active. It's not clear why sleep paralysis can take place however it has been connected with: sleep problems; interfered with sleeping patterns, for instance, due to change work or jet lag; narcolepsy, a long-lasting problem that causes a person to instantly sleep; basic anxiousness disorder; panic disorder; a family background of sleep paralysis. The major symptom of sleep paralysis is being entirely knowledgeable about your surroundings however briefly being not able to move or speak. Many people have sleep paralysis one or two times in their life, while others experience it a few times a month or more regularly. When components of rapid eye movement sleep occur while you're awake, Sleep paralysis occurs. Sleep paralysis usually improves with time, yet improving your sleeping habits and sleeping environment might aid. If your sleep paralysis is especially extreme, a specialist physician might recommend taking a course of antidepressant drug, such as clomipramine.

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