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Last Updated: 29 November 2020

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The City Charter is set up so that the City Manager, Derek Johnson, directly oversee the Police Chief. Mayors do not have any specific power to do anything. ALL members of the City Council have equal power. The only difference between the Councilmember and the Mayor is that the Mayor leads meetings and represents the City at ribbon cuttings. This is outline in City Charter. The City Manager and City Attorney, Christine Dietrick, make most of the decisions about budget, policy, etc. For City. Those items are then recommended to the City Council and voted on, with input from the community. The City Council appoints the City Manager and the City Attorney, then the City Manager appoints ALL Department Heads, including the Police Chief. In 2016, when Heidi Harmon unseated the incumbent, Jan Marx, it was partly due to frustration of SLO community who felt that the City Council was not listening to SLO residents. There was a perception that Mayor Marx's relationship with City Manager Katie Lichtig was too cozy and Lichtig was running a show. Harmon promises to bring power back to people: Your voice, your vision, your SLO. Katie Lichtig leave City in 2017 and Derek Johnson was appointed City Manager by the City Council. Mayor Harmon and Mr. Johnson have developed close friendship. I am not sure how much that friendly relationship affects her votes on policies brought forward by Mr. Johnson, but it seems that it would be difficult to avoid bias when a friend is recommending YOU approve his recommendations. This goes BOTH ways. Mr. Johnson is probably somewhat influenced by Mayor Harmons agenda, based on their friendship. The City Attorney also has a role in decisions for legal reasons, before they are made policy. My point is, Mayor Harmon can speak to Chief Cantrell, but Derek Johnson has ultimate power over the Chief. Heidi needs to hold on to that 100k. Cheyne Orndoff will be getting millions from SLO City for warrant-less search by SLO PD outside of their jurisdiction and DA withholding discovery from Orndoffs lawyers. Despite Morro Bay PD giving bogus tip on Cantrells lose gun last year that started this mess, Morro Bay PD decided to make things worse and look for an opportunity to hassle Orndoff again this year in February. Now DA want to blackmail Orndoff with those new charges to withdraw his lawsuit against SLO. This is what protesters should be protesting rather than Floyd thing. That and officer Walsh shooting a poor dog that was less than 1 / 2 blocks from SLO Police station, which good neighbor wouldnt do. Mayor Harmon is just playing up to Cal Poly students who by their votes keep her in office. She could care less that the rest of SLO is being ruined by her actions.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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