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Snap Map

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Last Updated: 02 July 2021

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When Hurricane Harvey wreaked destruction in Houston last August, country turned not just to cable television, but also to Snapchat. Two months before the storm, social media app had debuted Snap Map, crowdsourced, interactive feature that displays what is happening on Snapchat around the world. At launch, Snap Map seemed mostly like a fun toy, albeit one with potential privacy implications; Snap Map can broadcast your location to your friends if you opt in. But when Harvey hit, Maps real utility became clear. Houston residents have begun sharing raw, intimate footage of paddling in canoes, huddling in shelters, and their living rooms filled with water. Snap Map communicates the breadth of disaster better than slickly produced cable news broadcast ever could. Problem: Snap Map lives exclusively inside Snapchat itself. It presents a range of experiences and emotions, but little in the way of context, being divorced from the rest of the web. Users could record or take photos of their screens to bring those videos to the wider internet, but there was no streamlined method. On Monday, Snapchat announced a potential solution to that problem. Beginning today, Snap Map, which has 100 million monthly users, will exist outside of the Snapchat app on a dedicated website. News organizations, bloggers, and anyone else can embed Snap Map content right into web pages or other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Unlike embedding tweets or YouTube videoand true to Snapchat's purposeSnap, Map content will be ephemeral, disappearing after 30 days. That is far longer than normal Snapchat stories, which only last 24 hours. Users can contribute to the Map by opting to share their Snap to Our Story. You can embed Snap Map Stories elsewhere on the web in three formats: individual stories, collection from location or event, or stories in specific geographic area.S For example, in an article about the Olympics, wire could choose to embed a specific story from skier Lindsey Vonn,'s series of stories about the Olympic Games, or every story from Pyeongchang area. No matter the format, stories will disappear after 30 days. The Embed wo break, but will say that content is no longer available. The Snapchat staff moderate every Snap Map Story in some way. The editorial team curates Our Stories, designated by purple font. Algorithms generate other Snap Map storiesdesignated by black fontaround specific events or locations, though they still have to go through content moderation process. Snap Map Stories offer some anonymity to users by not including screen names. Its hard to spoof the system, however, because you can only post from your GPS location; you ca say, pretend to be in New York if youre really in Berlin. I had chance to try the new Snap Map at Snapchats offices in New York last week. It was easy to see utility for news organizations, especially because embedding Snap Map Stories feels like new iteration of what reporters have been doing for years.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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