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So Happy

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Last Updated: 25 November 2020

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So Happy

Studio album by Eddie Murphy
GenreR&B , pop
LabelColumbia Records
Length48 : 26
ProducerWalter Afanasieff , David Allen Jones, Carmen Rizzo, Eddie Murphy, Nile Rodgers , Narada Michael Walden
ReleasedMarch 29, 1989

I am so happy to see Brian, I am so happy to see Kate! I was so happy to see Raina, Everyone has fun in Music Class! Can you hear that song playing in your head right now? If you have ever attended Music Class with your kids, chances ARE I so happy will now be stuck in your brain for the rest of day. Do you know the actual reason that song IS so sticky? Person who start Music Class and write this song design it specifically to be as catchy as humanly possible. The song outlines tonic and dominant chords, two OF most common and essential chords in Western Music. For any OF you who take piano lessons growing up, youll probably remember ONE OF the first things you did was learn how to play it mi, So. These 3 notes make up the tonic chord, and the entire first phrase OF the song, Im So Happy to see Brian! Raina and her Dad / creator OF Music Class, Rob Sayer because Im So Happy uses two chords that we ARE most likely to have hear over and over again throughout our lives, song IS super easy for US to understand and remember, and that is why it gets stuck in our heads. The fact that songs do get stuck constantly in our heads IS actually extremely important from an educational standpoint. The more your kids hear and sing this song, more they will learn. That IS because CHILDREN learn through repetition. Think about when youre trying to teach your baby to say mommy. How many times do you think you have to say mommy before your baby ever say it back? IS ONE MILLION accurate estimate? Two MILLION? ONE HUNDRED MILLION? Most people intuitively understand that we have to repeat language ad nauseam in order for our kids to learn how to speak, but this same concept IS somehow less intuitive in music. If you just remember that young CHILDREN learn Music exactly same way they learn language, then youre basically ALL set for big important music education concepts. Think OF tonic chord as the musical equivalent word mommy! So, we created this super catchy song, in order to foster repetition that CHILDREN need in order to learn, and also to teach kids two OF most important chords that ARE the foundation for musical LEARNING for the rest of their lives. And thus, Im So Happy was born! HUZZAH! Would you ever have guess so much thought go into such a simple song? OKAY So now that we have thoroughly dissected ALL OF the songs parts and pieces, do you want to watch some OF our amazing, adorable, hilarious kids from ALL over the world sing it? OF course, you do!

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