Social Distancing Measures

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Last Updated: 04 May 2022

Descriptive Note: Exclusion of persons with infectious TB from the workplace, school, or other public settings, described as social distancing measures, might be essential to shield the general public from TB transmission. If the local health officer determines that the general public health and wellness generally or the health and wellness of a certain person is endangered by exposure to a person who is known to have active tuberculosis disease, or to a person for whom there are sensible premises to believe has active consumption disease, the neighborhood health police officer might release any orders he or she considers necessary to safeguard the public health and wellness or the health of any other person, and might make application to a court for enforcement of the orders The orders may include, yet shall not be limited to, any one of the following: An order for exemption from attendance at the office for individuals with contagious tuberculosis disease. According to [making it possible for law], the wellness officer in the patient's jurisdiction of home might omit a patient posing a immediate or unavoidable risk to the public wellness from attending his or her place of work or school, or other facilities where the health and wellness police officer figures out that such activity is needed to secure the general public health and wellness. The wellness police officer will talk to the Department's TB Program or State Epidemiologist or designee prior to omitting a patient from a workplace, school or other facilities via a health and wellness officer order.

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