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Some Girls (Rolling Stones song)

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Last Updated: 02 July 2021

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Some Girls (Rolling Stones song)

from the album Some Girls
Released9 June 1978
Recorded10 October - 21 December 1977
StudioPathe-Marconi , Paris
Length4 : 37
LabelRolling Stones, Virgin
Producer(s)The Glimmer Twins

The Rolling Stones had one heck of a decade in the '70s. They start with one of their all-time greats-1971's'sticky Fingers'-and then end it with another classic, 1978's'some Girls. ' The latter record helped save the band after a few years of rock-star excess nearly sunken them. It's one of the group's very best records, renewed blast of classic rock 'n roll infused with country swagger and soulful sway. We break It all Down, song by song, With Lyrics uncover: Rolling Stones' Some Girls' Album. When the Stones released'some Girls' in 1978, it was a pretty contentious time in rock history. Disco was storming charts, and punk was spilling over from big cities. Rock fans were so rile by this point that they began staging anti-disco crusades around the country. So imagine their surprise when the world's greatest rock 'n roll band opened Their New Album With 'Miss You, ' disco-blues hybrid conceive during a jam session between Mick Jagger and keyboardist Billy Preston. They were rehearsing for gig When They come Up With song's skeleton. Lyrically, 'Miss You' is a pretty simple lament of losing love from the perspective of a playboy. Jagger says the song's memorable middle section-about Puerto Rican Girls Just dying to meet You-was Make Up to reflect the character's steady parade of women coming in and out of his life. After the album's release, Jagger said that the band didn't set out to make a disco record. But it's hard to overlook the influence of late-'70s NYC club music. 'Miss You' turned out to be a huge hit in those clubs, as well as on the pop chart, where it reached No. 1. For a band known for its extracurricular activities, it's little surprise that'some Girls' features some pretty provocative material. 'When Whip come Down' is Album's boldest cut, straight gay song, according to Mick Jagger in a 1978 interview with Rolling Stone. But I have no idea why I write it. Maybe I come out of the closet. The song is about a gay man who moves from Los Angeles to New York to become a garbage collector. But the implication here is that his real job is as a prostitute: I'm learning ropes, yeah, I'm learning trade / I get so much money, but I spend it so fast. The song's thick guitar comes from triple attack: Jagger plays along with Keith Richards and Ron Wood. It all gives 'Whip' plenty of downtown attitude, most likely inspired by Jagger's experiences living in the Big Apple at the time. Stones have never been shy about their influences, filling many of their early albums with faithful covers of old blues and R & B songs. By 1978, band still touch on the past, but with modern-day spin.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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