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Song Tutor Software

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Last Updated: 24 October 2020

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Imagine, your ve get tutor sitting right there with you at your piano whenever you need them. They have a magical ability to teach you anything you 've ever wanted to know about music and they re able to teach you all your favorite past time songs or something new you just heard on the radio. Regardless of the task at hand, your tutor never fails to deliver results. Their motto is, if you can find it on Google I can teach it to you. If you 've ever heard an amazing piano player and wish you could wave magic wand and know exactly what they were playing, Song Tutor is the closest thing to magic you 'll find. It gives you unprecedented access to what's going on in Song. Whether you re using the build - in browser to find renditions of your favorite songs online or downloading professional MIDI files from Our Gospel Music Training Center or other resources, this revolutionary tool unlocks music in ways you can only imagine! If you teach a style of music that involves higher levels of improvisation, creativity, and freedom and want to send your students home with examples of what their session cover, Song Tutor is your answer. Whether you want them to use software to explore all 12 keys, explore real - life examples of material, or review their own playing, Song Tutor can function as an incredible learning aid. Call 1 - 877 - 856 - 4187 to find out how you can purchase discount license keys in bulk. Song Tutor is an Assistive Song Learning tool that teaches you songs in a fun, innovative way - giving you full control of learning experience. With its build - in browser, you can search the net like normal, looking up your favorite songs. By simply clicking on them, songs load DIRECTLY into the program and are ready to learn immediately. From there, notes light up in multiple colors, you can slow them down, change their keys, and even freeze each chord, ONE by ONE. With millions of song files available on the internet, it opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to learn songs, melodies, solo lines, licks, tricks, and more! No longer do you have to read sheet music to interpret or benefit from the work of others. If you can play Simon say and do what lit - up notes tell you to do, you can benefit from Song Tutor! Normally, you d either need to know how to read sheet music to understand specific notes of this example or listen to it a few times and try to pick it out on your own. Using Song Tutor's build - in browser, you can click on this play link and it will begin to play immediately in the program. That mean, exact notes of scale light up in select colors of your choice, can be slowed down, can be frozen and walked through step by step, can be transposed to every key, save, share, and more!

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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