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Spoof Amiibo

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Last Updated: 29 October 2020

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For the past week, Ive been cheating in Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild. I dont mean that I running illegally obtained version of Game on emulator, or that I exploiting game design flaws to skip over parts of story Id rather not deal with. Instead, I rely on pieces of counterfeit software code to access items in the games that are otherwise hidden behind Nintendos ' elusive Amiibo figurines. Whether that constitutes cheating in the true sense of the word is debatable, and there are a lot of factors to consider before coming down on one side or other. First, Amiibo primer is in order. These small NFC-equip toys are collectibles, but they also double as a way to access special content in Nintendo games. In Breath of Wild, they can be scanned once per day on your Switch or Wii U controller to initiate drop of items and treasure chest that has a random chance of containing item exclusive to one of about dozen different Zelda Amiibo. Items range from giant sword and horse Epona from N64 classic Ocarina of Time to Tunic Link wears in artwork for the original NES version of Legend of Zelda. Heres handy chart showing exactly which Amiibo grants you which exclusives. If youre big Zelda fan, these mostly cosmetic items have distinct nostalgic value that hard to articulate and impossible to ignore. A strong sense of I need this bubbled up in me the first moment I saw Links ' iconic Heros Shield and Zeldas limitless Light Bow, which I stumbled on in a Reddit thread just a few weeks ago. But there are a few issues with the system. Because Nintendo is an unorthodox video game company with seemingly systemic supply constraints, you cannot easily purchase the necessary Zelda Amiibo. Theyre rare collectible toys companies do not produce in large quantities and, because of this, majority of them are sold out virtually everywhere. Nintendo also doesnt make exclusive items in Breath of Wild available for purchase in any other way. You ca buy Ocarina of Time downloadable content or pay $4. 99 for that Heros Shield. And yet these items exist, baked into games code straight out of the box. There is no patch to download, no software update to install. It is all there, waiting for you to have the right piece of Nintendo merchandise to access it. When I look into what it would take to get these items for myself, I discover that I have to spend perhaps hundreds of dollars on eBay just to own something seemingly created only to reward most diehard of Zelda fans. I consider myself one of those fans, having played nearly every major and minor installment in the series since I was six years old. My only transgression is not owning any of the available Zelda Amiibo.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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