Stage II Ovarian Cancer

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Last Updated: 08 May 2022

If your medical professional claims you have stage II ovarian cancer, it means the cancer has relocated past your ovaries to areas nearby. There are a number of sub-stages within stage II: IIA: Your doctor found cancer inside your fallopian tubes or uterus along with in your ovary or ovaries. IIB: You have cancer on the inside or exterior of other body organs near your ovaries, like your anus and sigmoid colon. IIC: There's cancer in your womb and/or fallopian tubes or in various parts of your pelvis, and you also have one of these scenarios: Cancer on the exterior of one or both ovaries. This could enable cancer cells to enter your abdominal area and pelvis. There are cancer cells in liquid in your abdominal area. Or your medical professional discovers them in a deep sea combination they use to inspect for cancer cells because area. They measure just how likely it is that people with that cancer will live 5 years after their medical diagnosis, compared to people who do not have it. Right here are 5-year relative survival rates for the three main types of ovarian cancer because category: Invasive epithelial ovarian cancer: 76%. Ovarian bacterium cell tumors: 94% Ovarian stromal tumors: 89% The first treatment for stage II ovarian cancer is usually surgery to get rid of the tumor. Each one can develop into a various tumor: Epithelial tumors come from the cells that surround the outside of the ovaries. Germ cell tumors come from the cells that make your eggs. Stromal tumors develop from the tissue cells that make female hormones and keep your ovaries intact.

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