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statins inhibit tumor progression via an enhancer of zeste homolog 2-mediated epigenetic alteration in colorectal cancer. "statins inhibit tumor progression via an enhancer of zeste homolog 2-mediated epigenetic alteration in colorectal cancer.", by Ishikawa S, Hayashi H, Kinoshita K, Abe M, Kuroki H, Tokunaga R, Tomiyasu S, Tanaka H, Sugita H, Arita T, Yagi Y, Watanabe M, Hirota M, Baba H. fig05: Immunohistochemical staining of EZH2 and p27KIP1 and prognostic analyses in CRC patients with or without statin intakes. (a, b) The specimens derived from patients without statin intake (a) and pravastatin intake (b) showed upregulated...

Statins are a group of medicines that can assist lower the degree of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol in the blood. Your doctor may recommend taking statins if either: you've been identified with a type of CVD; your individual and family medical history suggests you're likely to develop CVD eventually over the next 10 years and lifestyle steps haven't decreased this risk. In most cases, treatment with statins proceeds forever, as stopping the medication causes your cholesterol to go back to a high degree within a few weeks. You might need to take cholesterol medication if diet regimen and workout don't decrease your cholesterol degrees. Often, this medicine is a statin. Statins conflict with the production of cholesterol in your liver. This can reduce the formation of plaques in your arteries. Statins are relatively safe for most people. They can cause major muscular tissue troubles. Some statins connect detrimentally with other drugs. You may have fewer side effects with one statin drug than another. Researchers are also studying making use of statins for other problems.

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