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Last Updated: 03 May 2022
stool sample test for fecal occult blood "stool sample test for fecal occult blood", by National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, National Institutes of Health. Drawing of hands holding a card containing a stool sample. A drop of liquid is being applied to the stool sample to test for fecal occult blood. Label point to stool sample....

This test gauges the amount of elastase in your stool. Elastase is an enzyme made by special tissue in the pancreatic, a body organ in your upper abdomen. In a healthy pancreatic, elastase will be passed in the stool. Pancreatic lack can cause a variety of wellness troubles, including malabsorption and malnutrition, disorders that impact your ability to take and digest in nutrients from food. In adults, pancreatic lack is frequently a sign of chronic pancreatitis. Persistent pancreatitis is a long-lasting condition that often tends to get even worse with time. Other names: pancreatic elastase, fecal pancreatic elastase, fecal elastase, FE-1 A stool elastase test is used to learn if there is pancreatic insufficiency. Pancreatic lack can occasionally suggest pancreatic cancer, however this test is not used to evaluate for or identify cancer. You may need a stool elastase test if you or your child has symptoms of pancreatic lack.

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