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Last Updated: 09 May 2022
stormwater runoff drives viral community composition changes in inland freshwaters. "stormwater runoff drives viral community composition changes in inland freshwaters.", by Williamson KE, Harris JV, Green JC, Rahman F, Chambers RM. F1: Sample sites. (A) CCC Plantation, white circle indicates sampling location, white lines indicate flow pathways; (B) Grim Dell stormwater retention pond (inset), white circle indicates sampling site, box indicates concrete weir, white star indicates...

About the Stormwater Division The Stormwater Division is included about 65 employees participated in the installation, repair and maintenance of the stormwater system and vector control procedures. Commitment The Stormwater Division team is committed to provide the best possible service to the citizens of Newport News. Goal Statement The goal of the Stormwater Division is to secure public wellness, safety, and the environment via the effective management, procedure and maintenance of the stormwater systems, to provide vector control solutions developed to inform the general public and to identify, reduce or remove prospective disease bring vectors.

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