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Upper pumice empire, an increase in volcanic task adhered to the final lake shale deposition and streams moving from the west cleaned large quantities of pumice pebbles into the basin. Sanidine samples taken from various parts of the Florissant Formation have been dated to around 34. 07 million years earlier. This is the last sequence of Eocene rocks to be transferred in the Florissant valley. Caprock empire, a lahar debris circulation was deposited into the waters of the 2nd lake. Lower mudstone system, floodplain debris with stream deposits and at the top a muddy lahar that hidden large trees. Rock conglomerate, Two conglomerates, one older than the Wall Mountain Tuff and the other more youthful occur at Florissant, CO. Wall Mountain Tuff, the outcome of an enormous pyroclastic flow that devastated the area, approximately 36. 7 million years old. Pikes Peak Granite, a 1. 04 billion year old granite formed from cooled lava deep underground, since boosted to form a few of Colorado's highest peaks.

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