Stuve-Wiedemann Syndrome

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Last Updated: 09 May 2022

Stuve Wiedemann syndrome is uncommon genetic and disorder that has been detected in very few patients. Affected babies frequently are incapable to endure past one year as a result of serious problems such as episodes where there is unexpected increase in body temperature level or respiratory distress. The symptoms of STWS differ from one person to another. Affected babies might additionally have underdeveloped muscle mass tone and/or an elbow that is completely repaired in a bent or flexed position. Some children with STWS have had unique facial features, consisting of small chins, pursed mouth, and underdeveloped upper jaw, cheekbones, and eye outlets that in some cases leads to protruding eyes. Some infants with STWS may develop episodes where they repetitively stop taking a breath during rest. Feeding and swallowing troubles might additionally occur. In some children, lethal problems may develop early throughout infancy consisting of respiratory distress and duplicated episodes where there is an abrupt rise in body temperature level. Other symptoms include decreased bone thickness and autonomic nerves disorders that includes problem controling temperature, smooth tongue, and absent corneal and patellar reflexes. Affected children will have general developing hold-ups, though there have been no reports of any intellectual shortages. The specific medical image of STWS is vague due to the small number of cases reported in the medical literary works. Added findings have been reported in some children with STWS including high blood pressure of the primary artery of the lungs, liver failure, and a type of clubfoot in which the heel is turned outward far from the midline of the leg.

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