Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

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Last Updated: 02 May 2022
sudden infant death syndrome and left ventricular hypertrabeculation-hidden arrhythmogenic entity? "sudden infant death syndrome and left ventricular hypertrabeculation-hidden arrhythmogenic entity?", by Ker J, Toit-Prinsloo LD, van Heerden WF, Saayman G. f1-cmc-2010-085: Left ventricular hypertrabeculation in a three month old infant, presenting as sudden infant death syndrome. It is postulated that the apical area of hypertrabeculation acted as the source of a fatal arrhythmia....

Sudden infant death syndrome is the sudden, unusual death of an infant more youthful than one years of age. Babies who are affected by the problem usually show up healthy without any suspicious symptoms and signs before the case. It is the leading cause of death in babies age 1 to 12 months old. The specific underlying source of SIDS is unidentified; however, scientists presume that it is likely a multifactorial problem. Although there is no surefire way to avoid SIDS, the American Academy of Pediatrics has a published list of recommendations for risk reduction. Please click the link to gain access to this source.

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