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Last Updated: 08 May 2022

SOS is a collection of hardware that incorporates computers and video projectors to show animated pictures onto the surface of a large round. The video projectors are attached and driven by the primary computer system. The computer has one 6 result graphics card to sustain the 4 projectors and a second graphics card to run the user interface. The computer is accountable for many points, particularly amongst them: running the main customer interface to the system, real time data collection, and offering the user interface to the automation control method. Most sites get a hot spare that is similar to the primary computer system in terms of equipment, as a backup system. Every one of the software that drives and manages the SOS system is written and preserved by NOAA. The computer system in the SOS system is a standard computer system with mid- to high-end graphics cards. The system is usually specified so that both the extra and primary computer systems are similar from an equipment perspective to enable easy switching of elements. Mainly, projectors categorized as board area projectors meet this requirement. A few of the material that features Science On a Sphere includes a narration track with history music, requiring the use of the stereo. Each website is liable for making their audio system to meet their requirements. Details on what is in this file and a couple of alternatives you can customize are talked about in Appendix A: SOS Stream Control Configuration File. Every site has specific alignment documents that are stored in/ shared/sos/site-config.

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