TBI Symptoms

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Last Updated: 04 May 2022

The symptoms of TBI depend on the type of injury and how serious the brain damages is. The symptoms of mild TBI can consist of: A short loss of consciousness sometimes. Many people with mild TBI remain conscious after the injury. You may have those same symptoms if you have a moderate or extreme TBI. If you have a head injury or other trauma that may have triggered a TBI, you require to get medical treatment as soon as possible. To make a medical diagnosis, your wellness care provider: Will inquire about your symptoms and the information of your injury; Will do a neurologic exam; May do imaging tests, such as a CT check or MRI; May use a tool such as the Glasgow coma scale to establish just how extreme the TBI is. Get in touch with your provider if your symptoms are not getting better or if you have new symptoms. For modest to serious TBI, the first point health and wellness care providers will do is stabilize you to prevent additional injury. Some people with TBI might have irreversible handicaps. A TBI can additionally place you in jeopardy for other illness such as anxiousness, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

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