Taliperu River

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Last Updated: 25 February 2022

Continuous heavy rain in Taliperu's upper reaches over the past 48 hours raised the water level in the Taliperu reservoir in a brim on Wednesday morning, pushing up the water level in the upper reaches of the Taliperu river. After the water level risen to 73. 49 meters against the Full Reservoir Level of 74 meters at 9. 30 am on Wednesday, sources in the Irrigation Department said the Excess water of 11,248 cusecs was released downstream by raising up to 16 crest gates of the reservoir. At Bhadrachalam into River Godavari, nearly five lakh cusecs of water was released, and the water level is at 29 feet. Flooding of 12 to 14 lakh cusecs is forecast on Saturday evening, according to the river's floodwaters. Water is pumped from Taliperu, Charla mandal, and 8,000 cusecs from the Kinnerasani reservoir in Paloncha mandal, releasing 8,175 cusecs and 8,000 cusecs. Officials said Burgumpahad, Manuguru, Aswapuram, Charla, and Dummugudem in Bhadradri district could be flooded. Officials warned Manuguru, Aswapuram, Charla, and Dummugudem are among the possible flood victims. The tehsildars of all mandals, according to Anudeep, had been warned of the flood situation.

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