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Tazemetostat is used to deal with advanced epithelioid sarcoma, unusual slow-growing type of soft tissue cancer. When the cancer has spread out to other components of the body or can not be gotten rid of with surgical procedure, tazemetostat is used. Tazemetostat might additionally be used for functions not provided in this medicine guide. Utilizing tazemetostat might increase your risk of developing bone marrow disorders or other cancers. Utilizing tazemetostat may increase your risk of developing bone marrow disorders or other cancers, such as leukemia or lymphoma. You may need to have unfavorable pregnancy test before beginning this treatment. If the mom or the father is utilizing tazemetostat, Tazemetostat can harm an expected infant or cause birth issues. Tazemetostat can make hormone birth control less efficient, consisting of birth control tablets, injections, implants, skin spots, and vaginal rings. You may take tazemetostat with or without food. Do not take another dosage if you throw up quickly after taking tazemetostat. Wait up until your next set up dose time to take the medicine again.

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