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Last Updated: 14 August 2022

Creative Services provides a selection of resources for your use. If you do not see the thing you need provided, or would like us to produce a new thing, please call us. eBuy is the Laboratory's on-line buying remedy for getting company cards. Order Business Cards. Download our Powerpoint Poster Guide! The DSAA is sent for all research requests and Tricare service providers that adhere to the Tricare Systems Manual. Information Request Templates are provided to specify the information a task seeks for the job defined in the DSAA a specific use. The strategy must demonstrate how MHS sensitive data components will be de-identified, as well as, just how the HIPAA 18 identifiers will be dealt with. Send a Change of Government sponsorThe enroller is the person that is or was in the military. Sponsor to document a new Sponsor for the DSA. Federal firms need to follow a process for Native American human remains or cultural items removed from Federal or tribal lands. List of Unclaimed Cultural Items from Federal Lands Sample. Each gallery and Federal agency must supply the Native American human remains and linked funerary things in its holding or collection and need to recognize the social and geographical association of those holdings or collections. Culturally Affiliated Inventory template for Native American human remains and linked funerary items that are culturally connected.

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