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Last Updated: 07 May 2022
abdominopelvic splenosis--an unusual cause of tenesmus. "abdominopelvic splenosis--an unusual cause of tenesmus.", by Cheung KK, Wagner T, Hall M, Dvorkin L. Fig1: a–f CT of the abdomen and pelvis with Tc99m colloid SPECT overlay, demonstrating avid uptake of tracer...

Tenesmus is the feeling that you need to pass feceses, even though your bowels are currently empty. Tenesmus frequently accompanies inflammatory diseases of the bowels. These diseases might be caused by an infection or other problems. People with tenesmus might push very difficult to attempt to empty their bowels. Anorectal abscess; Colorectal cancer or tumors; Crohn disease; Infection of the colon; Inflammation of the colon or rectum from radiation; Inflammatory digestive tract disease; Movement disorder of the intestinal tracts; Ulcerative colitis or ulcerative proctitis;.

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