Tension headache

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Last Updated: 07 May 2022

A tension headache is the most common type of headache. You can treat them on your own with painkillers however see a general practitioner if you have numerous headaches a week or they're serious. Common symptoms of tension headaches include: pain on both sides of your neck, face or head; feeling like something is continuing your head or being tightened around it; the affected area may really feel tender and your head may injure more when touched. You ought to be able to continue doing daily activities without making the headache worse. Tension headaches last at least 30 minutes however they can last much longer, occasionally for numerous days. Common sources of tension headaches include: stress; sleep troubles; high levels of caffeine. Taking painkillers for headaches frequently or for a long time can additionally cause headaches. These are understood as overuse or rebound headaches. Tension headaches are not a sign of a hidden condition.

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