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correlations of cave levels, stream terraces and planation surfaces along the river mur-timing of landscape evolution along the eastern margin of the alps. "correlations of cave levels, stream terraces and planation surfaces along the river mur-timing of landscape evolution along the eastern margin of the alps.", by Wagner T, Fritz H, Stüwe K, Nestroy O, Rodnight H, Hellstrom J, Benischke R. f0005: The area of investigation. (a) The present catchment area of the Mur River, the river course and its tributaries, and the extent of the last glacial maximum (LGM) (Van Husen, 2000) on top of...

WAYSIDE PANEL TITLE: Terrace Gardens PANEL DESCRIPTION: The wayside deals with east, and forgets a view of Aquatic Lagoon and the historical ships at Hyde Street Pier. The General's Residence is to the right, and an exclusive house is to the. SIGHT FROM WAYSIDE: The wayside is below a eucalyptus tree and is surrounded by fallen leaves and peeled off bark. You are ignoring the edge of upper Fort Mason. This seaside bluff falls to Aquatic Park listed below, which is lined by the large, C-shaped Municipal Pier. The San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park remains in this section of the bay, and the historical ships are docked past the Municipal Pier. TEXT: Bringing Back a Lost Landscape TEXT: People have long intended to style the natural landscape to their wishes. In the 1850s, prominent people like explorer John C. Fr mont and writer Jessie Benton Fr mont built houses atop this bluff overlooking the bay. SUMMARY OF IMAGE: A large black-and-white photograph of Black Point and the terrace yards. QUOTE: "The waters of the wonderful bay washed the rocks of our headlands and we looked down over geraniums and roses to the decks of passing ships. " Jessie Benton Fr mont, Far-West Sketches, 1890. CAPTION: "General's residence overlooks the bay on top of the terrace gardens. " SUMMARY OF IMAGE: A color photo of volunteers keeping the terrace gardens in 2019. CAPTION: Volunteers help restore the historic landscape of the terrace gardens. INSTRUCTIONS TO NEXT WAYSIDE: Travel back 42 feet in the direction you came. Stroll when traveling for 50 feet and rejoin the walkway on the right side of the roadway.

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