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Last Updated: 10 May 2022
medpix case - leydig cell tumor of the testis "medpix case - leydig cell tumor of the testis", by Original Source: gregory j hall; Author: Gregory J Hall (National Naval Medical Center Bethesda); Approved By: William R Carter, M.D. (National Naval Medical Center Bethesda);. Heterogeneous intratesticular mass with increased blood flow...

Testicular inflammation is identified by seepage of inflammatory cells in response to tissue damages. Inflammatory responses in the testis are very uncommon and are usually seen only in response to seminiferous tubular necrosis or tissue damage sufficient to damage down the Sertoli cell limited joints that comprise the blood-testis obstacle. Inflammatory infiltrates are seldom seen as a direct response to chemical agents; an exemption is the acute response to the Sertoli cell toxicant di-n-pentyl phthalate, where a short-term, interstitial neutrophilic infiltrate happened and was connected with the release of interleukin before any significant tubular damages. Testicular inflammation can be bilateral or unilateral. In severe swelling, the primary infiltrating cell is the neutrophil, thoughfewer macrophages and lymphocytes might additionally be present. There might also be evidence of edema orhyperemia. The neutrophil is the primary infiltrating cell key in suppurative inflammation, yet they are accumulated, and a number of them are degenerate. Cell debris from both the resident cell populations and penetrating leukocytes, proteinaceous liquid including fibrin, less macrophages, periodic lymphocytes or plasma cells, and, potentially, a transmittable agent may additionally exist within the exudate. The tissue bordering the exudate may have fibroblasts, fibrous connective tissue, and mixed inflammatory cells, depending on the chronicity of the lesion. Granulomatous inflammation is another type of persistent swelling, but this diagnosis needs the visibility of a significant number of aggregated, large, activated macrophages, epithelioid macrophages, or multinucleated giant cells. The diagnosis must be certified as reciprocal and the seriousness based on the more drastically affected testis if both testes are affected.

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