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The Bandit (1996 film)

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Last Updated: 17 August 2020

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The Bandit (1996 film)

CinematographyUgur Icbak
Directed byYavuz Turgul
Distributed byWarner Bros. Pictures
Edited byHakan Akol Onur Tan
Music byErkan Ogur Askn Arsunan
Produced byMine Varg
Production companyFilma-Cass
Release date29 November 1996 ( 1996-11-29 )
Running time121 minutes
StarringSener Sen Ugur Yucel Sermin Sen Yesim Salkm
Written byYavuz Turgul

This should been called the tale of one thousand mustaches. Wherever you look, everyone has one. If this had been a Monty Python movie, I 'm sure women and children would have had them too. The opening scenes set against a harsh arid Turkish landscape are gorgeous and the camera style continues throughout. However, I find the story to be overly long and very predictable. In some ways, it reminds me of one of the later James Bond movies. You kinda know what is going to happen, but you watch anyway, hoping for a new take on a well - worn path. Unfortunately, Eskiya. Tout as film that rescued the Turkish film industry from artistic oblivion and brought it back to prosperity, Eskya is considered a watershed event in the annals of Turkish cinema, but it doesn't resonate much on global platform. However, it may look small in scale, but it is definitely epic in scope. Eskya tells the story of Baran, former bandit who is released from prison after serving a 35 year jail sentence, only to find out that the world has changed dramatically during his years of captivity. The plot covers the next phase of his life as he heads to Istanbul to enact revenge on person who not only snitched on him but. I had only heard of this film, and only watched it, for sake of sating my IMDb Top 250 obsession. So much better than I expect! But it is also not really one of 250 greatest films of all time. But there are some outstanding performances, and a decent balance of observation, action, comedy and pretentiousness. Reckon Martin McDonagh could do a rather nifty English language remake, if such a thing were called for, it has that Bruges vibe. Imdb Top 250 is still my target to get finished in 2019, so this was a bit of a difficult step but I did it and, most importantly, I don't regret it. Turkish classic I would say. The story is amazing and in many scenes the movie is it also but it is more than hard to get in, little action in their years and also the production could have been better, I think. Actors are OK, I would say, and there are some lengths, especially at the start. So the end is a perfect example, which is fuckin epic in theory but a bit ridiculous in the movie. So I rented this movie on Pantaflix because this movie is pretty hard to come by in the United States. But the issue here is, Pantaflix didn't have English subtitles for it, and since I don't speak Turkish, I decided I would try to find a version with subtitles. Unfortunately, there is no other legal online source for this movie, as far as I have search. So what I did was look up movie subtitles, paste them into the Notes app on my laptop, and pause the movie scene by scene to see what they were just talking about.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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