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The Little Fox

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Last Updated: 09 November 2020

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The Little Fox

Based onVuk by Istvan Fekete
CinematographyIren Henrik
Directed byAttila Dargay
Distributed byMokep (1981) (Hungary) (all media) Celebrity Home Entertainment (1987) (USA) (VHS) Hal Roach Studios (1987) (USA) (all media) Just For Kids Video/Feature Films For Families (1994) (USA) (VHS)
Edited byJanos Czipauer Magda Hap
LanguageHungarian Budget: 7,000,000 Gross Revenue: 17,162,193
Music byPeter Wolf
Production companyPannonia Filmstudio
Release date10 December 1981 ( 1981-12-10 ) (Budapest, Hungary), August 1987 ( 1987-08 ), (USA)
Running time76 minutes
Screenplay byAttila Dargay Istvan Imre Ede Tarbay
StarringJudit Pogany (young Vuk) Jozsef Gyabronka (Vuk) Teri Foldi (Iny) Gyula Szabo (Kag)

This is the English version of a classic Hungarian cartoon, which is known as Vuk in Hungarian. The story comes from a novel by Istvan Fekete, who was known for his animal novels. In the English version, one of the characters in the cartoon is a dog named Barney. He is called foxhound in this version of the film. I think he is more like Vizsla. Look at him when he appears in a cartoon. Hes reddish dog with floppy ears and dock tail. And this is a Hungarian cartoon. It was made when Hungary was a Communist country, and access to Western dog breeds was limit. Vizsla, which come in wire-haired and smooth-haired forms, would have been a common dog that rural people in Hungary would keep. Also in this version, Barney tries to cover up his inability to catch Vuk by claiming that the dog who does so poorly at foxhunting was a German shepherd. My guess is that in the Hungarian version, Barney was actually saying that it was German HPR of some sort that had hard time catching Fox. It would be logical to mistake German HPR with Vizsla. I think it is very likely that Barney is Vizsla. Vizslas can be used to hunt foxes. However, in this country, they are far more likely to be used as bird dogs. I suppose it would be hard to explain to a North American audience that a bird dog would make a good foxhound. It is also likely that Vizslas werent that common in the West when this film came out. Keep in mind that this film shows farms and forests. In Communist Hungary, 95 percent of farmland was held in state-own farming collectives. Forests were also similarly nationalize. However, it also means that much of land that can be cultivated is used for producing crops, which is why you see foxes trying to hide in wheat field. There is not much of environmental message in the film. After all, state policy in these countries was not conducive to Green politics of any sort.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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