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Third Grade Spelling Words

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Last Updated: 02 July 2021

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In the first unit, students will learn to spell words with short - and long - vowel sound. Word list include: mask, grade, wrap, stage, track, raise, safety, they, chance, stamp, batch, eight, graph, trade, and LAUGH. In C - 2, students will focus on learning to spell short - E and long - E words: wrench, peace, medal, peaches, bread, remember, eggshell, piece, keep, better, reading, metal, yellow, hello, and sentence. Unit C - 3 has long - i and short - i words. Pilot, fine, time, write, tries, rhyme, silent, height, night, iron, lines, reply, whine, wise, and highlight. On these worksheets, students will review long - o and short - o words. Word list: coach, fossil, vote, though, cocoa, sell, option, hollow, frog, olive, oatmeal, block, stone, own, and lollipop. In the fifth unit, your kids will learn to spell words with long - oo and long - u vowel sounds. Words on the list are: fruit, musical, computer, stool, know, spoon, cute, few, rules, bedroom, mule, moon, perfume, new, and rescue. This week, students will learn about words that have long vowel sounds because of the silent - E at the end of each word. Word list: smile, stripe, globe, note, confuse, flame, become, white, choke, arrive, cube, beware, pancake, rise, and skate. On these worksheets, your class will learn about words with / oi / sound. Word list include: toys, voyage, joyful, join, coins, boy, loyal, point, soil, annoy, destroy, avoid, voice, noise, and broil. Words in this unit all have / ow / sound. Clown, brown, about, around, mouth, trout, and meow, cloud, downspout, however, allowance, crown, flour, flower, shout, towel, sound. Look for words with consonant sound / f spell with letter f or letters ph. Words include: golfer, enough, family, fashion, tough, paragraph, cough, forgetful, felt, farmer, photograph, feelings, full, roof, difference, rough, and phrase. In unit 10, students will practice words with double consonants, such as: spill, collect, successful, lettuce, happy, berry, litter, carrot, errand, happen, puzzle, pizza, messy, address, necessary, really, and traffic. Each of these words has sound / s or / z. Daisy, license, bicycle, season, classes, vase, service, plastic, citizen, sincerely, closet, sense, yesterday, distance, reuse, zipper, and do. Verbs that end in - ed and - ing are found in this unit. Studying, care, walking, trying, stop, exciting, joking, dripping, serve, drop, change, noticing, sleeping, acting, beginning. Learn all about homophones! Ant / aunt, brake / break, sail / sale, there / their / they re, beet / beat, bare / bear, and you / you re. Sometimes words can be easy to confuse. This week, your class will spell: dessert and desert; loose and lose; are, our, and hour; then and than; who's and whose; it's and its; accept and except. Learn to spell words with / k sound. The list includes the following words: cabin, ticket, freckles, collapse, quick, camera, rocket, insect, second, comics, ache, crack, week, octopus, and park. The focus of this unit is words with / j, / ch /, and / tch / sounds. Orange, porch, stretch, bridge, large, nature, catch, judge, postage, arrange, culture, capture, checkers, courage, jacket. This week's words have sounds / sh /, / ch /, and / wh /. Path, why, what, whale, think, throat, where, motion, shelter, when, position, who, ashamed, shimmer, and social.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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