Thyroid Nodules

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Last Updated: 09 May 2022
medpix case - thyroid nodules of undetermined significance. "medpix case - thyroid nodules of undetermined significance.", by Original Source: Fred R Brandon; Author: Fred R Brandon (National Capital Consortium); Approved By: Frank Schraml (National Naval Medical Center Bethesda);. Decreased iodine avidity of thyroid gland significantly confounding interpretation of functionality of nodules....

Thyroid nodules are fluid-filled or solid bumps or swellings. Sometimes, cells in your thyroid can grow out of control and form a swelling. You usually can not feel thyroid nodules. Although they take place from an overgrowth of cells, most thyroid nodules aren't cancer. About 1 in 10 thyroid nodules become cancer. It may not require any treatment if a thyroid nodule isn't malignant. There are various types of thyroid nodules that aren't cancerous: Toxic nodules make excessive thyroid hormonal agent. Multinodular goiters have several nodules. Thyroid cysts have plenty of fluid, in some cases with other particles.

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