Tidal Marsh

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Last Updated: 08 May 2022
estuaries as filters: the role of tidal marshes in trace metal removal. "estuaries as filters: the role of tidal marshes in trace metal removal.", by Teuchies J, Vandenbruwaene W, Carpentier R, Bervoets L, Temmerman S, Wang C, Maris T, Cox TJ, Van Braeckel A, Meire P. pone-0070381-g002: Detailed map of the study area.Sampling locations for the subtidal samples, tidal flat and tidal marsh samples along a transect and the location of the CRT....

WAYSIDE PANEL TITLE: A Tidal-Marsh Extravaganza PANEL DESCRIPTION: The wayside deals with north on the north side of the trail. VIEW FROM WAYSIDE: The wayside is on the inland side of the San Francisco Bay Trail, on the south west edge of the tidal-marsh. SUMMARY OF ILLUSTRATION # 1: An illustration of 6 different marsh plants expanding in a dune near water. PLANT # 1: The first plant is the tallest, with long, thin eco-friendly leaves and slender, wheat-like tops. PLANT # 2: Next on the dune are three eco-friendly stalks growing vertically, with smaller stalks originating from the major one. PLANT # 3: Following the pickleweed is a making of arrow yard, which has several environment-friendly, upright tendrils that grow halfway up the plant, around a taller center stalk. PLANT # 4: To the right of the arrow turf is a plant that sneaks along the surface area of the dune, Jaumea. With little yellow flowers and rotating little fallen leaves, Jaumea grows more horizontally than the other examples of dune plants. PLANT # 6: The last image is of a plant with many oval-shaped green leaves at its base, and many forking stalks with blue blossoms at their suggestions. Marsh plants expanded in park nurseries from seeds collected in 6 bordering marshes were grown in and around the Crissy Field marsh. SUBTITLE: The delicious tissues of pickleweed preserve an interior salt level equivalent to that of the bordering dirt or water. INSTRUCTIONS TO NEXT WAYSIDE: Walk east just over one tenth of a mile to reach the next wayside, located on the northern side of the trail.

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