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Tom Rosenthal (musician)

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Last Updated: 01 January 2021

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Tom Rosenthal (musician)

Background information
Born( 1986-08-26 ) 26 August 1986 (age 34)
GenresIndie pop , indie folk
InstrumentsVocals , piano , ukulele
OriginLondon , England
Websitetomrosenthal .co .uk
Years active2010-present

There's some talk about changing names by deed poll, some haggling over interview duration and varying lengths of pieces of string. Daddy duties notwithstanding, if you've caught any of Tom Rosenthal's videos over the years, and there are many, you might be wondering what on earth life is like in TomWorld's at the moment. It seems that idiosyncratic singer / songwriter / video maker / slash-key destroyer isn't too sure of himself; hhhhmmm, what is my world like? I'm, you know what, I'm not even sure of myself at this stage. It's fairly intense. Having only taken to live stage earlier this year, Tom is in kind of flux, so it's nice that he's visiting Luxembourg at the weekend-perhaps we can coin it Fluxemborg for the sake of keeping things in character. I've done some forty shows this year, and that's meant quite a transformation, from having two small children and not really going out and about, to doing some stuff that's, you know. Out and about. So, it's been quite a shift in my life. That's been quite exciting but also quite mad. Quite mad! Second, 'quite mad' makes for added seriousness, when, perhaps serious is not the first adjective to spring to mind when describing Tom Rosenthal's playful way with melody and song. He had after all, dressed up as a watermelon and ran over hill and dale. So being faced with being a parent and getting 'out and about', surely this must have changed the way he has gone about making music. It is when I'm looking at making songs, in terms of time I have to actually to write anything. The trouble with doing mildly well at writing songs is that you get less time to actually write them because you've got to go and play them for everyone and all the bits and bobs in between. This stop-start has meant that no great body of work has materialized and he's working piece by piece on any number of projects at any give time. But playing live, obviously affects how you are doing. Stuff. I've got two people on stage with me. Cellist and guitarist who both also add vocals or harmonies, so, YEAH, I think it's best to try and replicate what's on record. I have thought a LOT about how this makes things different, but it's only that which has change. As with many musicians that RTL Today has spoken to, we wonder if changes made to live show are as much for artists on stage belting / strumming / tapping out tracks for the umpteenth time or to give the audience a unique experience. Tom is a fan of both variations. Essentially, performing is little like making love. To do it well, you've got to be thinking of other person. You know. If I'm just wanted to have a good time for myself, I would do a LOT of things differently.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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