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Last Updated: 05 May 2022

Researchers are exploring new integrated therapies to deliver cancer therapies that target only the tumor without damaging normal tissue. In the last couple of years, researchers have been examining new methods to provide cancer treatments that can target only a tumor, without harmful normal tissue, and consequently decrease side effects. The nanoparticles also increase the moment a medication remains inside a cell, compared to other therapies. He is using N-TIRE to treat the tumor and CNTs to selectively target cancer cells inside a tumor and cancer cells that have already taken a trip throughout the body. "N-TIRE can be safely used right now," Davalos said. Side effects are issues that occur when treatment influences healthy cells or organs. Speak out about any troubles you have. Your healthcare team can talk and/or treat with you about means to minimize these side effects, so you really feel better. Keep in mind that side effects vary from one person to another, even amongst people receiving the same type of cancer treatment. The type of side effect you have depends on your type of cancer and your treatment. Cervical cancer; Ovarian cancer; Colorectal cancer; Uterine cancer; Vaginal cancer; Breast cancer; Bladder cancer; Loss of desire; Pain throughout sex; Not having the ability to have a climax; Numbness or pain in the genitals; Problems with fertility; Many people have psychological side effects after cancer treatment, such as feeling clinically depressed or bad about your body. These side effects can impact your sex life. You may not really feel like making love or might not desire your partner to touch your body.

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