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climate change on twitter: topics, communities and conversations about the 2013 ipcc working group 1 report. "climate change on twitter: topics, communities and conversations about the 2013 ipcc working group 1 report.", by Pearce W, Holmberg K, Hellsten I, Nerlich B. pone-0094785-g004: Detecting communities from conversational connections with additional coding by views on climate change.Twitter users were manually coded according to the content of their tweets and Twitter biography within the population of tweets analyzed. Each...

Micro-blogging is a form of blogging that allows users to send quick text updates to a Web website that accumulations these messages for seeing by pals or the public. These messages can be sent by a selection of methods, consisting of text, mobile Web sites, audio formats, or the Web site organizing the micro-blog. While numerous micro-blogging sites exist, CDC currently gets involved only in Twitter. Twitter users send out updates, or tweets, that are 280 personalities or less in size. CDC motivates the strategic use Twitter to effectively and cheaply reach individuals and companions with timely health and wellness and safety and security info. The party is on Twitter and it will recognize the value of advertising proficiency and all those organizations and individuals dedicated to boosting the population of readers worldwide. You are welcomed to take part in a Twitter Chat about the Library of Congress Literacy Awards on Wednesday, March 1, from 2 to 3 p. m The conversation is a chance to discover just how others are working to increase literacy. The Library of Congress Literacy Awards program is currently accepting applications for rewards of $ 150,000 and $50,000 each. Bring your success tales, along with concerns, to the party! Like any on the surface facing interactions activity, correct management and audience growth for Twitter accounts is a dedication of time and resources. Think carefully about whether your social media goals could be appropriately met by collaborating with the Digital Office to advertise your material and programs on the Energy Department's preexisting business social media accounts, whose posts regularly reach target markets of thousands of thousands - and often millions - of users. When our followers retweet our messages to their followers, our message has the prospective to spread out far beyond our own audience.

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