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comparison of endoscopic tympanoplasty to microscopic tympanoplasty "comparison of endoscopic tympanoplasty to microscopic tympanoplasty", by . f1-ceo-2016-00080: Details of tympanoplasty. (A) Postauricular incision for microscopic postauricular tympanoplasty. (B) Microscopic view of operation field of tympanoplasty. (C) Endoscopic view of middle ear cavity during endoscopic tympanoplasty. (D) View of transcanal incision (white...

Tympanoplasty, or eardrum fixing, is a surgical procedure commonly executed on children to repair an issue in the part of the ear called the tympanic membrane layer. The doctor puts a graft inside the eardrum to boost their hearing. Your eardrum is a thin tissue layer inside the ear. Tympanoplasty is a surgery to enhance hearing and secure your internal ear. This opening decreases your hearing high quality and may enable water to get into the middle ear. Children may get an opening in the eardrum because of: Ear infections that cause damage to the tympanum; Cholesteatoma, a condition in which there's development behind or within the tympanum; Injury, such as an eardrum puncture because of cotton bud use; Ear tubes or tympanostomy tubes falling out.

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