Umbilical Hernia

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Last Updated: 09 May 2022
the repair of umbilical hernia in cirrhotic patients: 18 consecutive case series in a single institute. "the repair of umbilical hernia in cirrhotic patients: 18 consecutive case series in a single institute.", by Yu BC, Chung M, Lee G. F1: (A) Gross appearance of umbilical hernia in cirrhotic patient. (B) Typical CT finding of umbilical hernia. (C) Laparoscopic intraperitoneal onlay mesh repair, mesh fixation using fascial clsoure and endo-stapler....

An umbilical hernia is an exterior bulging of the lining of the abdominal area or part of the abdominal body organ through the area around the stubborn belly switch. An umbilical hernia in an infant occurs when the muscle mass via which the umbilical cord passes does not close completely after birth. Most umbilical hernias are not associated to disease. A hernia can differ in width from less than 1 centimeter to more than 5 cm. There is a soft swelling over the belly button that typically bulges when the child rests up, weeps, or pressures. The bulge may be level when the infant lies on the back and is peaceful. In an infant, umbilical hernia may be especially evident when the baby weeps, causing the bellybutton to protrude. Umbilical hernias that appear during adulthood are more likely to need surgical fixing. An umbilical hernia creates a soft swelling or bulge near the navel. In infants who have umbilical hernia, the bulge may show up only when they sob, cough or strain. Prior to the umbilical cable drops off, you may see that the area appears to protrude a little bit more when the child sobs. Neglect what you might have listened to: The way the medical professional cuts or clamps the cord when your child is birthed does not affect whether umbilical hernia will develop or otherwise. Your child's medical professional can tell if there's a hernia throughout a physical exam.

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