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Unsung Hero 153

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Last Updated: 15 November 2020

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Arts in Academics is Smiths innovative idea to introduce various types of art that many students in school have never been exposed to. The school is in a remote part of the State so students often have to fly to the nearest city for opportunities to study in art classes. Through academic assignments, students will use watercolors, acrylics, chalks, and pencils to paint, illustrate, weave, and design projects to compliment their academic The project will allow students time outside exploring their environment and animals they live around and becoming visually aware of details in nature. Students will use quality materials, have quality time to design, create, and produce their artworks, and showcase their work in their community. Smith hopes the program will benefit students in reading, Math, and science as art awaken parts of brain use for those subjects and that students ' work will demonstrate commitment to excellence in not only academic subjects but also in fine arts. Clarys innovative teaching program, Flying Into 21 Century Math, is designed to support various learning levels of students, including those 50 percent who are performing below grade level in area of Math. With school being one of their main avenues for success, innovative drones purchased with Voya grant funds, offer avenue to excite students and teach Math standards at the same time. Clary believes she will more effectively engage her students and increase their ability to think critically with drones. Their Math lessons will focus on coding equations Into app, which will allow drones to fly route that students code. Clary will use drones to check values of equations with her lower level students while differentiating equations for more advanced students. Students will be able to visualize abstract concepts of algebra using drones. Clary hopes use of drones within class standards will engage learners in their Math instruction and increase their critical thinking skills. Sims ' innovative teaching idea involves using CI to teach Spanish. Comprehensible Input is a teaching method with a focus on authentic communication rather than focusing on more traditional constructs. It employ techniques to make language comprehensible for students by focusing on language acquisition instead of language learning, where students gain communicative competence in a second language and not just memorize vocabulary lists and grammar rules. Students have very different learning experience than with more traditional programs. They drive class-tailor lesson content while the teacher serves as facilitator. They learn to say things that are most relevant to them while engaging in communicative interactions with their instructor and classmates. Content is important and relevant to them, which helps with motivation and retention. Sims is excited that her students are becoming invested in learning Spanish more quickly and successfully than ever before.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

Unsung Hero #153

Kris Unsung Hero

DescriptionHails from the Altean village of Sera. Leader of the 7th Platoon, a group of newly appointed knights. Serves Marth as a royal guard. Appears in Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem.
Weapon TypeLance
Move TypeInfantry
Voice Actor ENFelecia Angelle
Voice Actor JPLynn
Release Date2020-07-20
EntryShadow Dragon / ( New ) Mystery
Internal IDPID_ (544)

In late March, right after COVID-19 struck, there was a shortage of masks and personal protective gear for first responders. Westport Library collaborates with partner MakerSpaces in the region, Fairfield County Makers Guild in Norwalk; Make Haven in New Haven; Danbury Hacker Space to develop face shields for medical workers in hospitals. Westports effort was lead by Mike Altis. Hes worked part-time in MakerSpace since its inception 8 years ago. Each Maker Space prints separate pieces of face shields. Mike was responsible for printing headband pieces on the librarys 2 best 3D printers, along with other critical connective pieces. So far, team of MakerSpaces has distributed 310 face shields and masks. The primary beneficiary is medical personnel at Norwalk Hospital. Mike really is the Unsung Hero, said Westport Library executive director Bill Harmer. He never once bragged about his role in this effort, or called attention to himself. Hes role model for others. He is dependable, professional, and puts service above himself. He makes things happen. I am proud to have him on my staff.

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Level 1 stats


Level 40 stats



New Moon3Treats foe's Def/Res as if reduced by 30% during combat.10043
Moonbow2Treats foe's Def/Res as if reduced by 30% during combat.2004




Iron Lance615011
Steel Lance8110022
Silver Lance11120043
Spear of Shadow161Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count-1). If foe initiates combat or if foe's HP = 100% at start of combat, neutralizes penalties on unit and inflicts Atk/Spd/Def-5 on foe during combat.40055
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