Urine Cytology

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Last Updated: 04 May 2022

A urine cytology test looks at the cells in your urine under a microscope. Your medical professional might order this test to examine for cancer cells. A urine cytology test may aid detect the following types of cancer: Bladder cancer; Kidney cancer; Ureter cancer; Urethral cancer. If you have a viral infection or swelling of your urinary tract, a urine cytology test can additionally let your medical professional know. If you're experiencing pain with peeing or are having to pee usually yet do not have an infection, a urine cytology test can be used to assist your doctor identify what is creating your symptoms. A urine cytology test could be done if you have any one of these symptoms: Blood in your urine; Difficulty urinating; Pain with urination; Burning with peeing. The urine sample can't be from the very first time you urinate in the early morning. The cells from your first-morning urine have been in your bladder overnight and could be too broken down to analyze. There are two ways a urine sample can be gathered for a urine cytology test. This is a way to accumulate a urine example that will keep it from being polluted by bacteria that you normally carry the skin around your urinary area. Use the towelette that included your kit to cleanse around your urethral opening. Reactivate your urinary stream using the sampling cup to gather it. Put the cap on the container without touching the within it. In some circumstances, a urine sample may be taken with a small tube called a catheter.

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