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Uterine Sarcoma Treatment

Summarized by Plex Health
Last Updated: 01 May 2022

Anything that increases your risk of getting a disease is called a risk aspect. Having a risk element does not suggest that you will get cancer; not having risk aspects doesn't suggest that you will not get cancer. Risk aspects for uterine sarcoma include the following: Past treatment with radiation therapy to the pelvis. Abnormal blood loss from the vaginal canal and other symptoms and signs may be triggered by uterine sarcoma or by other conditions. Talk to your medical professional if you have any of the following: Bleeding that is not part of menstrual periods. A speculum is placed into the doctor and the vaginal area or registered nurse checks out the vagina and cervix for signs of disease. The physician or registered nurse additionally inserts 1 or 2 oiled, gloved fingers of one hand into the vaginal area and places the other hand over the lower abdominal area to really feel the size, form, and placement of the womb and ovaries. The medical professional or registered nurse also inserts a moisturized, gloved finger into the rectum to feel for lumps or abnormal areas. Enlarge; Pap test: A treatment to collect cells from the surface area of the cervix and vagina. This cancer may not reveal up on the Pap test because uterine sarcoma starts inside the uterus. This procedure is also called a D&C. Expand; Endometrial biopsy: The removal of tissue from the endometrium by putting a thin, adaptable tube via the cervix and into the womb. The tube is used to carefully scuff a percentage of tissue from the endometrium and after that remove the tissue samples.

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