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Last Updated: 04 May 2022
medpix case - recurrent uveitis with hyphema "medpix case - recurrent uveitis with hyphema", by Original Source: Herb Fechter, M.D., WRAMC Ophthalmology; Author: Aaron M Betts (Uniformed Services University); Approved By: Thomas P Ward (Uniformed Services University);. This image shows the pigment on the anterior lens capsule from previous posterior synechiae. There is a region of unbroken synechiae at 5:00....

Uveitis is a serious eye trouble that can damage your vision. The uvea is the delicate tissue just inside the white outer layer of the eye. You should see an eye physician right away if you have uveitis. Uveitis usually irritates the colored part of your eye. The student is the hole where light enters your eye. Since of this, uveitis can cause pain and sensitivity to light. Uveitis can influence one or both eyes. It can lead to other eye diseases that impact your vision, such as glaucoma or cataracts. The uvea supplies blood for the iris at the front of the eye and the retina in the rear of the eye. One of the most common type of uveitis involves swelling of the iris, in the front part of the eye. This is the layer of capillary and connective tissue between layer of the eye. It is called chorioretinitis if the retina is additionally included. Another type of uveitis is pars planitis. Pars planitis frequently takes place in young men. Obscured vision; Dark, floating places in the vision; Eye pain; Redness of the eye; Sensitivity to light; Symptoms of uveitis include: eye pain, usually a plain ache in or around your eye, which might be even worse when concentrating; eye inflammation; level of sensitivity to light; blurred or over cast vision; small forms moving across your visual field; loss of the ability to see things at the side of your field of view. The general practitioner may refer you to an eye specialist who will examine your eye in more information.

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